Candace Owens Unapologetic Notwithstanding Backlash For Criticizing Harry Styles’ Feminine Style!

We live in a world where even the presidents are trolled on the internet, and Candace just pissed off the wrong fanbase. Harry styles’ pics from the photoshoot for Vogue magazine’s cover weren’t surprising for those who already are aware of the dressing style of the former One Direction member who has become a fashion icon. Harry styles has been seen many times sporting bold and unique fashion on the red carpet.

In an interview, Harry said that he likes playing dress-up in general, and he doesn’t take it very seriously, but his critics surely do. Conservative commentator Candace Owens took to Twitter and called it an “outright attack.” Gender norms are being challenged by rock stars since the seventies, but somehow, a man wearing a frock becomes less masculine for Candace.

Shortly after Candace’s tweet, Ben Shapiro also expressed his views on the matter, and they surely were not pleasing. Harry Styles didn’t bother about the conservative comments, but his fans and even non-fans didn’t miss the opportunity to give the critics a taste of today’s world. People made it pretty clear and noted that Candace had adopted a narrow-minded view of masculinity and the connection of masculinity with the clothes they wear.

Jameela Jamil tweeted that Harry Styled is plenty manly, and he is 104% perfect; Jamila also added a picture that shows wigs, tights, make-up, etc., were all considered manly at a time. On the other hand, there was Olivia Wilde, who didn’t use many words, just said, “You’re pathetic.” The likes of her backed up Owens, but it was not enough!

In an interview, Harry Styles told us that an outfit in which you feel terrific is like a superhero outfit. Harry added that clothes are there to have an experiment and fun with. Harry Styles said that there is a line, a barrier, and when that barrier is removed, a whole arena opens up in which you can play. Styles often look at the women’s clothes and think how amazing they are.

Maybe Harry doesn’t think much about what he wears, but the whole world does, and the LGBTQ+ applauded his choice, and Harry has been praised for his acceptance of gender fluidity. Vogue has previously featured transgender models on the cover; however, only recently, these barriers are really coming down. Valentina Sampaio was the first Brazilian transgender model featured by Vogue Paris in 2017. In 2019 British Vogue and Vogue Mexico featured an Indigenous “muxe.” Vogue India and Spain featured Indiya Moore this year as their first transgender cover model.

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