Anna Delvey: Con-artist, Fraudster, Real Name, Age, Net Worth !

Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, is a Russian-born German con artist who posed as a wealthy heiress to access the upper level of the New York social from 2013 to 2017. 

Anna misled New York’s people by posing as a German socialite before she was arrested in 2017. After her arrest, her notoriety reached great heights when the ‘New York’ (biweekly magazine) published a story about her. Eventually, the rights to the article published by the New York were acquired by Shonda Rhimes, a TV producer. She then announced a Netflix Original series based on Anna’s life with be created. People, after knowing her, gave more attention to how a young woman could use people’s love for money and her benefit. 

Anna Delvey Discusses About Her Regrets

The fake European heiress Anna Delvey has recently been released from detention and is busy doing a photo shoot while under house arrest on the Lower East Side.

Anna said in CNN sit-down interview that she wants to stay in the United States as she fights overseas deportation. Anna added that if she leaves, it will prove that she is accepting te labels and deserves a second chance. 

Anna discussed her quest for a new chapter in the US from her house arrest apartment after being released from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody on Friday.

During her home arrest, Anna was supposed to leave for appointments with her parole officer or immigration officials and is prohibited from using social media.

During the interview, Anna blamed the prosecution in her 2019 trial and the media for portraying her as an epic scammer who stole about $200,000 from businesses and financial institutions. 

Anna also mentioned in the interview that she was sorry for many of her choices but also added that she has never reached out to anyone directly to apologize.

Anna Delvey Early Life:

Full Real Name Anna Sorokin
Family Name Sorokin
Profession Con artist
Date Of Birth January 23rd, 1991
Age 31 years old
Birthday January 23rd
Year Of Birth 1991
Nick Name Anna
Current Residence Manhattan, New York city
Country USA
Nationality Russian and German
Ethnicity Multiracial
Religion Christianity

Anna Sorokin came into this world on 23rd January 1991 in Domodedovo, a town southeast of Moscow, Russia. At 16, her family moved to Germany. 

Anna Delvey Family Background: 

Father Vadimovna Sorokin
Mother N/A
Brothers N/A
Sisters N/A

Anna’s father, Vadimovna Sorokin, worked as a truck driver, and her mother used to own a small store and later became a housewife. She has a brother and was raised in a middle-class family. Following Anna’s conviction, she did not contact her parents, and they did not attend her trial. Her father previously stated on DailyMailTV in April 2019 that he had disowned her and he did not have any influence on her life or what she does.

Anna Delvey Education:

Highest Qualification High school degree
High School Local high school in Eschweiler

Anna attended a local high school in Eschweiler, and in 2011, she graduated high school. Later, she enrolled at an art school in London named Central Saint Martins. However, after a few months, Anna dropped out of the art school and returned to Germany. 

Further, At age 19, Anna left Germany to pursue a fashion degree in Paris and took on the name Anna Delvey. In the summer of 2013, she attended Fashion Week in New York on behalf of Purple magazine, where she used to work, and eventually opted to stay in the city.

Anna Delvey Physical stats:

Weight In Kg 55 Kg
Height In Feet 5 feet 5 inches
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Bluish hazel

Anna stands 5’5″ tall and weighs around 55 Kg. She has silky blonde hair and bluish-hazel eyes. She looks gorgeous with makeup and a good dress, and anyone can get attracted to her. 

Anna Delvey Birth Signs:

Sun Sign Aquarius
Star Sign Aquarius
Birth Sign Duality Assertive
Birth Sign Modality Fixed

Anna is currently 31 years old. Her star sign is Aquaris, and her birth sign duality is Assertive. Further, her birth sign modality and element is Fixed Air. 

Anna Delvey Net worth:

Net Worth $60 million

Anna has never disclosed her income officially, but some claims that her estimated networth is about $60 million. It was reported that in 2019, she made some investments in technology and cryptocurrency.

In February 2022, it was reported that Netflix paid Anna $320,000 for the rights to adapt her life story for Inventing Anna. The publication also reported that she had used around $199,000 of the money from Netflix to repay the banks she owes and another $24,000 to settle state fines.

Anna Delvey Relationship Status: 

Marital Status single

Anna was in a relationship for two years in New York until he moved to the United Arab Emirates. Despite keeping his identity secret, she disclosed details about her boyfriend and said that he TED talked and was profiled in The New Yorker. Anna also suggested that she would reveal his identity for a fee, with bidding starting at $10,000. 

Anna Delvey Career:

After returning to Germany, Anna worked as an intern at a public relations (PR) firm in Berlin. In 2013, she moved to Paris and did an internship program with the popular fashion and culture magazine, ‘Purple.’ 

While in New York, Anna flaunted as a wealthy German heiress to penetrate herself into the inner circle of the city’s most prominent socialites. During this time in the town, she scammed numerous people, banks, and hotels, often using fake bank statements or invalid credit cards. She created the illusion of wealth and even created the idea of the Anna Delvey Foundation, a private club and art foundation, to attract wealthy donors.

After visiting hotel to hotel and repeatedly not paying her bills, Anna was removed from several hotels. In October 2017, she was arrested during a sting operation planned on her. During this time, Anna stayed at an addiction treatment facility in Los Angeles, California. Later, when her prosecution, it was estimated that she had stolen about $275,000.

On 25th April 2019, Anna was found guilty of eight charges, including attempted grand larceny in the third and second degree, attempted great robbery in the first degree, and theft of services. In May, she was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in state prison, fined $24,000, and ordered to pay restitution of around $199,000.

After her trial, Anna was sent to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and transferred to Albion Correctional Facility (New York). In February 2021, Anna was released early from prison, and it was noticed that she immediately returned to Instagram.

However, in March same year, she was taken into custody for overstaying her visa by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Anna has been waiting nearly a year in US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detention to get deported to Germany. Despite previous reports that Anna had been released from custody and was sent back to Germany, this was confirmed by a spokesperson for ICE to PEOPLE; further, he added on 15th March 2022 that Anna remains in a New York detention center “pending removal.”

German news outlet Der Spiegel reported that Anna’s deportation failed at the last moment when she refused to leave for the airport, and her lawyers filed a motion to stay the decision. The outlet also added that US authorities are trying to secure a new date for her departure before the window for her to appeal expulsion closes on 19th March this year. 

On 5th October 2022, Anna scored a court win when she was released from a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Orange, New York.

As part of her release, she has to pay a $10,000 bail and is also banned from social media platforms, where she often shared posts that flaunted her seemingly lavish lifestyle for her friends and wealthy investors.

Further, Anna will be under 24-hour confinement at the provided residential address for her immigration proceedings as she faces deportation. 

Anna Delvey Social Appearance:


Anna has an Instagram profile with around 1M massive fan following.

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