Listen- Aly & AJ Drop Long-Awaited Explicit Version of ‘Potential Breakup Song’!

Aly & AJ’s Potential Breakup Song is on Stream: Why did this duo add three newly cuss words in their definitive version?

The original track relates to Aly & AJ’s 2007 album titled ‘Insomniatic’ and the reason behind this release of the ‘explicit redo’ can be seen after it went viral on video streaming app, Tik-Tok in 2020.

Just in a week after teasing their fans with their definitive version of their 2007 massive hit single titled ‘Potential Breakup Song.’ Popstar duo Aly & AJ tweeted on Twitter that they officially drop the track over the Internet. The official twitter account of their former Disney stars shared the poster along with the link of the song without any caption.

When it went viral on Tik-Tok, they gained enough of an impressive 2 million with the throwback track that features Gordon Ramsey.

Why did this duo give the song a new facelift?

During their interview in August 2020 with Us Weekly, Aly & AJ had confessed that ‘Potential Breakup Song’ deserved a new facelift. “We appreciate this song. We think that we have to proud of it. But I would rather produce this song in a new version,” Aly discussed the publication.
AJ also stated, “I love that song to get, like, a new facelift. I felt like revisiting that song and sharing it with our fans. I think that pop music has changed now. We’d produce it more innovatively and make it a whole other thing.”

Aly & AJ had launched their debut album ‘Into the Rush’ in the year 2004, which firstly came at number 36 on the US Billboard 200 charts, and the duo’s last full-length album released in the form of ‘Insomniatic’ in 2007.
They had also promised in 2014 for a full-length album, but unfortunately, it got leaked over the Internet. After altering their name to 78violet in 2009, Aly & AJ then finally returned to their original title in 2015. Since then, they had released two Eps — titled as ‘Ten Years’ and then ‘Sanctuary.’ They are also planning to out a new album in 2021.

What do fans think?

As soon as their new definitive version viral over the Internet, many social media fans were pleased with joy. Discussing the track, one individual confessed, “Aly and AJ captivating me back into their stardom after releasing this explicit version of the potential breakup song.” Another stated, “Aly and AJ did something that they had to do earlier with this new version of Potential Breakup Song.”

What are the three cuss words?

The duo has out the definitive version with the new three curse words.

In the first version, Aly sings, “It took too long, and it took too long, it took too long… For you to call back, it looks too long… And normally, I would forget that/ Except for this fact it was my birthday, my f**kin’ birthday/ I had played along, and I had played along, I had played along, Rolled right off my back.”

In the second version, it is again Aly who sang the cuss word. She goes with, “We got this along, we got this along, we got this along/ Until you did that, Now all I want is my stuff back/ Do you get that? Let repeat that/ I want my sht back.” In this bridge, it is Aly again who croons, “Oh, you try, you can try, You know, and I know it’d be a lie/ Without me, you’re gonna die/ So you think clearly, clearly, Before you get nearly, nearly f*k up/ A situation that will you’re gonna miss dearly, c’mon.”

Do you Wondering how to live stream the song?

The best way to tune this song is by streaming it here. Fans can also listen to Aly & AJ’s definitive version as ‘Potential Breakup Song’ on a few leading streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tidal, and YouTube.

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