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WonderWorld Season 1: Starz Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details!


Wonderworld is a developing FBI series set to explore the 1980 pornography world that was getting too popular. STARZ first announced the series development in 2013 with Owen Wilson (Marry Me) developing the show, but so far, they are yet to give an update on what happened to the series and why we are yet to receive the first season after all those years. The series was to explore the porn industry and the two undercover cops who almost lost themselves in an attempt to free society of nude immoralities.

WonderWorld Season 1 Release Date: When can we expect it?

The series announcement came out in 2013, but we have yet to receive any update on when we will see season one of the show. We are not sure if Starz will give us an update anytime soon but let’s hang on to the thought that they will. A possible release date for the series is before 2025.

Wonderworld Season 1 Plot: What will Happen?

The series plot is based on one of the most significant undercover operations of the FBI community. It is 1980, and the porn industry is thriving. Employers are cashing in a lot of money, and social workers are thriving and making a living out of not-so-decent jobs. However, with the ongoing porn industry comes a lot of immorality. People are sexually assaulted, drugs are sold, and minds are corrupted. Realizing enough is enough, the FBI recruits undercover agents to infiltrate the porn world. The two agents are set on doing their job; this comes with many disadvantages. They realize they might end up losing themselves and their family will be in danger. They will have to decide whether to choose the job or their well-being.

Wonderworld Season 1 Cast:

It has been almost a decade since STARZ made the series announcement, but we have yet to receive an update on who will be cast in the crime drama. It was, however, announced in 2013 that Owen Wilson would be teaming up with Rene Balcer to develop the FBI drama series. Wilson is known for writing some of the best series and has many shows to support that he is a good writer. His partner, Balcer, has also won the Emmy Awards and is expected to pen the script and serve as both the showrunner and the producer. We may get the series casting before the year ends or the year after, but the chances of that happening is low.

 Wonderworld Season 1 Trailer:

A decade has passed since we got the order announcement for the series, and it is only suitable to assume that the series will never be released at this point. Ten years is enough for a sequel to have over five seasons, and if even the first season’s trailer is yet to surface, then our expectations might be another wild goose chase.

You can, however, watch the Law and Order series as we await for the creator to give us an update on the series’ development. The Law and order series has over 400 episodes, 21 seasons out; hence this is the perfect movie if you are looking for a long-time TV show to keep you entertained.

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