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Top 10 Best Weight Loss Exercises


10. Rock climbing

Rock climbing
It is a combination of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training and is a very useful exercise to burn your body fat. Although, it is tough on your way up but it is beneficial for you.

9. Racquetball

One has to exert a lot of force in playing this sport and is a very high-intensity exercise. Try to make it a part of your routine or play it on Sundays.

8. Jumping rope

Prima facie, it looks a simple exercise but don’t underestimate this one on this note. It is a very effective exercise and ten minutes of jumping rope equals eight minutes of running. This exercise escalates your cardiovascular endurance and agility.

7. Swimming

My personal favorite !. When I was in college, I suffered a ligament injury playing football. I am as mad as a badger when it comes to running/jogging but the doctor advised me to abstain from this activity because it will aggravate my injury. So, he told me to swim as much as I can. All of you who have some sort of injury but are eager to lose weight, swimming is the best option for you.

6. Bicycling

The effectiveness of this exercise depends on the speed and resistance offered. It targets thigh and calf muscles and can do wonders for you as regards to losing weight.

5.Step Aerobics

The target areas of this exercise are legs, hips and glutes. This exercise burns a lot of calories and its effectiveness depends on speed and step height.

4. Rowing

In this, your thigh muscle exerts force in driving the stroke and is a marvelous calorie-burning exercise. It is good if you can keep on with this for about 30-40 minutes.3.Cross-Country Skiing In this, every major muscle of your body is actively involved and is a combination of resistance and ardio exercise. Hapless is a person who has got a plenty of snow around him and he doesn’t go out for ski.

2. Elliptical Trainer

It is a low impact exercise and best suited to those who have sustained any injury and are not able to run or jog properly. It combines the cardio of running with resistance and you can burn around equal amount of calories as when you run.

1. Running

Every mile allows you to lose 100 calories approximately. It is one of the most efficient weight losing exercise for you. Now is the chance to demand an expensive pair of Nike joggers from your parents because your parents want you to lose weight. If they want you to lose weight, then you want a nice pair of joggers to run.

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