The Kid Laroi Drops A New Version of Kim Petras’s “Reminds Me of You” Will Feature a Verse By Juice WRLD!

Another adaptation of Kim Petras’ “Reminds Me Of You” that includes formerly unheard lyrics by Juice WRLD is obviously on its way.

Recently, The Kid Laroi — a previous mentee of Juice WRLD’s — reported on Twitter that he would be delivering his twist on the track sometime in the evening.

Reminds Me Of You‘ this evening with my sibling @JuiceWorlddd,” he wrote on the web. “Huge thank you to @kimpetras for allowing us to remake and share our version of her song to the world.”

The information on the unheard lyrics came as somewhat of astonishment to fans. Thus, Petras chose to give everybody a little backstory into how they already unheard collaboration effort became.

As per the pop star, before his tragic spending a year ago, Juice WRLD came into the studio while she was taking a shot at the melody and wound up recording “this astonishing verse of ‘Reminds Me.'”

“I got to say hi,” Petras reviewed, before discussing how the whole experience “was really nice.”

“It’s so nice, and I was quite a huge fan,” she went on to say. And keeping in mind that she added that what happened to him was clearly “very tragic,” she had likewise “always hoped there would be some way that his verse could come out” — and now, incidentally, today is, at last, the day.

“I’m so excited,” Petras said. “Furthermore, I believe it’s so cool.”

No word yet on an on this time. However, until it debuts, you can watch Petras’s video about the tune underneath.

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