The Dropout: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Don’t Want to Miss!

Hulu has something lined up for you if you are a mini docuseries lover. The Dropout is an American television drama series that is yet to be released. It is based on the podcast, The Dropout, hosted by Rebecca Jarvis and ABC studio. 

It has several great executive producers such as Liz Heldens (The Big Leap), Katherine Pope, Taylor Dunn, among many others. With production and filming ongoing, let’s see what to expect when the series finally drops. Who is in the cast? What’s the release date? What’s the plot like? Let’s find out more about this yet-to-be-released drama series. 

The Dropout Release Date:

According to IMDb, this six-episode miniseries will drop in 2022. Its filming is currently ongoing in Stanford, California, USA. This will be approximately three years after an announcement was made that Hulu had been given the green light to create a series of between 6 to 10 episodes on April 10, 2019. 

Since then, there have been several projects, with Michael Showalter and Jordan Mollick joining the limited series as executive producers on March 31, 2021. Showalter will direct several episodes. 

On Thursday, March 3, 2022, Hulu began streaming The Dropout. In areas where Hulu is unavailable, the series is also accessible on Disney+.

On Thursday, April 7, the final episode of The Dropout, “Lizzy,” will be available to stream on Hulu. So, if you haven’t seen all of the episodes yet, you still have time before the show concludes on April 7th, as there is no plan for a second season because it is a limited series. The schedule for the remaining episodes is as follows:

Episode 6: Iron Sisters on March 24
Episode 7: Heroes on March 31
Episode 8: Lizzy on April 7

The Dropout Plot:

What is this series about? The Dropout focuses on the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, the owner of the once famous Theranos. Born in 1984, Elizabeth managed to cheat her way to become the youngest and wealthiest self-made female billionaire in America after Forbes evaluated her company at $9 billion.

However, her fame and ‘wealth’ were short-lived since, in 2016, revelations of potential fraud at Theranos came up, which saw Forbes revise its published estimate and reduce Holme’s net worth to zero. This was definitely the fall of the century. 

The company and Holmes were later charged by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in 2018 for massive fraud, which saw Homes lose $500,000 as a fine to settle the charges. She also had to return 18.9 million shares to the company, relinquish her voting control, and was barred from holding any leadership position for ten years. 

Therefore, this series is expected to take viewers through turns and twists of what seems to be one of the biggest frauds of the century. 

The Dropout Cast: 

This miniseries has a rich cast. Amanda Seyfried (Mank) will feature Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, and Naveen Andrews as Sunny Balwani, the president and CEO of the now-defunct Theranos. He was dating Homes at the time. 

Recurring actors in the set include William Macy as Richard Fuisz, Laurie Metcalf (Hacks) as Phyllis Gardner, Elizabeth Marvel as Noel Holmes, Stephen Fry (Sherlock Holmes 3) as Ian Gibbons, Josh Pais as Wade Miquelon, Bill Irwin as Channing Robertson, Kate Burton as Richelle Gibbons, among many others. 

Kate McKinnon was expected to star Elizabeth Holmes but dropped out on February 18, 2021. Amanda Seyfried replaced her shortly on March 29, 2021. 

The Dropout Trailer:

There’s an official trailer for the series. However, you can watch or listen to Dropout ABC podcasts to get the story’s context as we wait for the sequel to drop. Here’s a trailer:

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