Signs Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And All The Updates That You Need To Know About It!

Signs, also known as znaki, is a TV series in polish language premiered in 2018 featuring Andrzej Konopka, Helena Sujecka, and Michael Czernecki. This crime thriller drama is directed under the direction of Jakub Miszczak, Marcin Ziebinski, and Monika Filipowicz and written by Przemysław Hoffman. It was firstly premiered on 10 October 2018 and is still running on the AXN Polsat network. Signs season 1 admired by the audience for its pretty good cinematography, engaging storyline, and captivating art visuals. Now the production company of the series, ATM Central Europe, is all set to renew its second season.

Read below the more specific information about Signs season 2.

Signs Season 2 Release Date : When will be appearing?

Although in Poland, It has already premiered on 7 April 2020 to 26 May 2020. More probably, season 2 will be released very soon, at the end of 2020, or definitely in 2021. Every season consists of eight-episode each of 40 to 45 minutes. Its first season had already premiered on 22 July 2020 and is still available to watch on Netflix.

Signs Season 2 Cast : Who’s returning?

Undoubtedly the previous few members of the cast reprise their role in season 2. The following cast is:

  • Andrzej Konopka Hindi character of Michael Trela (The protagonist).
  • Helena Sujecka in the character of Adrianna Nerada (policewoman).
  • Piotr Trojan as Krzysztof Sobczyk.
  • Michael Czernecki in the character of Blazej Nerada.

Signs Season 2 Trailer :

Here we are presenting you the official polish trailer that has been launched for season 2.

Signs Season 1 Storyline : What is it all about?

In the end, when Michael got to know about the relationship between Robert and Laura, he assumed their meet on her demise’s day. Laura’s mother revealed her relationship with Robert that they got separated just after Dzikowski’s suicide.

The situation got arrested when Robert suddenly disappeared, but later on, Nina noticed him in the mayor’s house when he visited his home to meet his daughter. After Trela got to know about that, he took him into his custody, confessing all the murders’ strategies.

In another scenario, Dzikowski’s son waited for Robert’s call, who was going to say ‘Jump’ to him so that he got saved by the train. But as according to the strategy, Robert didn’t call him or let him alert, which led him to his death. Laura got the news about him from on that railway track. The mastermind of all the murders, Robert then lied to Michael Trela for distracting the case and stated that Laura hadn’t asked him to jump. Later on, he also murdered Laura for taking his revenge. Hence, the upcoming season will be more exciting in which Robert would confess and pay for his sin.

Signs Season 2 Release Date

Signs Season 2 Plot : What will happen?

Season 1 was full of great Adventures and suspicious thrillers in Sowie Dolly, located at the top of Owl mountains. The story of season 1 all went around a murder mystery case investigated by Michael Trela. He single-handedly investigated the case of a young woman who was murdered at the lake near Melaphyre mine. The various vulnerable situations arose during the investigation that captivate the audience’s attention toward the end of the story. In season 2, you will also get this much suspense, though it would be more. The whole narrative of Signs season 2 goes around a couple of travellers who suddenly disappeared from the Owl mountains of Poland. Things become more troublesome for Michael Trela when his daughter goes missing. Moreover, the encounter of the evil of Sowie Dolly with Michal Trela will make the story more interesting to watch.

Hoping for the early release of Signs season 2 in other countries also.

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