Lucifer Season 7 : Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Things You Should Know About The Upcoming Season!

Is Netflix back with the seventh installment of one of the best urban fantasy dramas, LUCIFER? This police procedural drama engaged its audience in its sixth season by maintaining the full legacy. This comedy-drama is inspired by the DC Comics Vertigo, written by Neil Gaiman (Good Omens Season 2), Mike Drinenberg, and Sam Keith and created by Tom Ellis.

Season 1 of this series premiered on 25th January 2016 on Fox, but in 2019 it was taken by Netflix for streaming the further seasons of Lucifer. This story’s whole narrative revolves around Lucifer Morningstar, a devil who forsaken Hell to operate his Nightclub named LUX in LA and then worked as a consultant for LAPD.

Here you will get to read more about season 7 of your favorite series Lucifer.

Lucifer Season 7 Release Date: When will it air?

Lucifer has six seasons available right now. Fox broadcast the first three seasons in the US. Fox discontinued it after season 3 ended, although seasons 2 and 3 saw an improvement in the quality of the reviews for the first season. Seasons 1 through 3 were briefly available on Amazon Prime Video when it seemed the show had ended permanently.

Lucifer was then picked up by Netflix for an additional two seasons, and its popularity skyrocketed. Netflix initially intended to cancel the show after season 5. However, they later announced the sixth season.

Since season 6 is the show’s last season, there won’t be a season 7 of Lucifer. Netflix announced in September 2021 that season 6 would be the last.

Lucifer Season 7 Cast: Who is in it?

Season 7 of Lucifer reprises the following cast’s roles, which we have seen in part 1 and more likely to see in Season 7. Also has the same storyline and will be tracked down in the second part of season 7.

Hence, the following cast is:

  • Tom Ellis plays a dual role as Lucifer and Michael.
  • Lauren German plays the character of Chloe Decker.
  • Leslie-Ann Brandt plays the character of Maze.
  • Aimee Garcia plays the character of Ella Lopez.
  • D.B. Woodside plays the character of Amenadiel.
  • Kevin Alejandro plays the character of Dan Espinoza
  • Rachael Harris plays the character of Dr. Linda Martin.
  • Alexander Koch will also play the character of Ella’s new boyfriend, Pete Daily.

On the final day of production, the cast was pictured by the show’s co-executive producer and writer Chris Rafferty. Chris reports that there are several cast members spotted sobbing, and that the final day of filming was filled with many farewells, cries, and hugs.

Lucifer Season 7 Trailer: When can we watch it?

As we all know Lucifer Season 6 is a final season so there is no Season 7. Here we have the Lucifer Season 6 Trailer.

We will provide you all the updates related to season 7. Till then, Stay tuned with us for more updates! Stay safe!

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