Love Alarm season 2: Cast, Release Date, Trailer And Everything You Need To Know!!

The South Korean romance teen-drama TV series, Love Alarm, is based on a Daum webtoon bearing the same name by Chon Kye-young. The series premiered in August 2019 and was a great success on Netflix. Love alarm is not only among the four full Korean Original series by Netflix, but it was the first to be ordered. The first season was a great success, and Netflix renewed it for the second season. 

Is Love Alarm Officially Cancelled For Season 3?

‘Love Alarm’ has not received a third season renewal. Despite the fact that the k-drama series’ second season concluded on a hopeful note, there is always the possibility that the show will be renewed for a third season. The series is based on webtoon which is still up and running currently.

Love Alarm Season 2 Episode Guide & Recap:

EpisodesRelease DateRecap
Episode 112 March 2021Eager about her real feelings for Hye Yeong, Jojo returns to her school in the exploration of information about Cheon Duk Goo and moves into her past.
Episode 212 March 2021 Jojo questions Brian Cheon regarding the shield at an event served by the members of Badge Club, like Sun Oh. Hye Yeong gets face-to-face with his father.
Episode 312 March 2021 After a bad day, Jojo gives Hye Yeong her shoulder to cry on. Helpless to face the facts of the shield, Sun Oh shifts to Jojo for the honesty.
Episode 412 March 2021 As the video of his lecture hall visit goes viral, Sun Oh begins to assault Hye Yeong. Jojo gets a special present from an unfamiliar sender.
Episode 512 March 2021 Park Gul Mi has arrived at a digital milestone. Brian tells JoJo about the shield, spear and Duk Goo and smashes reality for a discerning listener.
Episode 612 March 2021 JoJo comes to terms with the past, revealing the identity and inspiration behind The Ringing World. Duk Goo keeps his end of the bargain.

Love Alarm Season 2 Cast:

Love Alarm Season 2 Cast

The good news is that the cast members in season 1 will be making a comeback in Season 2. The cast did a great job, and the show’s creators cannot afford to let them go. What we know of now is that all the main cast will be returning for season 2. Below are the actors appearing In the next season; 

  • Kim So-Hyun as Kim Jojo
  • Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye-yeoung
  • Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh
  • Move Min-si as Park Gul-mi
  • Shin Seung-ho as Il-sik
  • Z.Hera as Kim Jang-go
  • Lee Jae-Seung as Cheong Duk Gu
  • Kim Shi Eun as Yook Jo
  • Go Min Si as Park Gul Mi
  • Song Yeon Park as Jojo’s aunt
  • Song Seon mi as Jeong Mi Mi
  • Yi Yeong Shim as Hye Yeong’s Mother
  • Na MooYoon as Kim Min Jae
  • Jae-eeung Lee as Cheon Duk Goo
  • Da Bin Bae as Mon Soon
  • Ki Do Hoon as Brian Cheon
  • Jae Han Ryun as Hyeon Woo

Love Alarm Storyline:

The series revolves around a disruptive technology that gives users the ability to find love through software. Apparently, users can use an application that notifies them if someone in need of love and romance is in a vicinity of a 10-meter radius. Lee Hye Yeong and Hwang Sun Oh have been childhood friends, and they decide to register on the dating app Love Alarm in search of love. Interestingly, they both fall in love with one beautiful girl, Kim Jo-Jo, which creates a rift between the two young men. 

Love Alarm Season 2 Release Date:

Love Alarm Season 2 Release Date

The second season was set for release in August 2020, but as you all know, film production has been heavily affected by the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. Although Netflix had announced the series’ renewal, they have remained silent on the expected release date. However, we are hopeful if production starts before the end of the year, then the second season will be released on March 12, 2021. 

Love Alarm Season 2 Expected Plot:

Love Alarm Season 2 Plot

We expect that season 2 will pick from the cliffhanger left by season 2. In Season 1, Jojo discovers that she has two suitors. She is amazed by how Lee Hye Yeon adores her, but Hwang sun-oh is also smitten by her. Jojo is yet to reveal this to anyone. In the second season, we might just get to know who she will choose, and the new twist the relationship will bring. 

Love Alarm Season 2 Trailer:

The creators release a trailer for season 2. Just stay tuned here, and we will keep you updated.

Will Love Alarm have a Season 3?

The series is ranked as one of Netflix’s most-watched original series, but there is no specific and official announcement regarding the return of Love Alarm for Season 3. It is tough to predict season 3 for Love Alarm because season 2 has already finished on a good note.

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