Lies and Deceit Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know!

The series Meniras which translates to Lies and Spain but was changed to Lies and Deceit, has created a buzz among the viewers within days; it was the most-watched series on Netflix. Based on the ‘Liar’ thriller series, the Spanish series is a thriller directed by Curro Novellas, based on the British series “Liar,” which ran for two seasons on ITV. When Laura, the literature teacher, claims that she was date raped, it is not sure whether she is telling the truth or not.

Lura, narrating her ordeal in an expansive yet emotional state, could not help but inspire the self-inspection that followed. Anguish and misery were the most dominant theme in the story, which have interested viewers and begged for the second season but will it ever come to pass? Do we get a second series of her journey to finding justice?

Lies and Deceit Season 2 Release Date:

For somebody who related to the story or found it quite interesting, two years’ wait has been a misery. The worse news is the renewal of the series is not likely to come anytime soon as the network or the show’s creator is yet to give an update on the series development with a rating of 6.5/10 on IMDB, the series might likely get a renewal if Netflix decides to but, in the meantime, you can rewatch the series, reminisce Veras vulnerable moments. If Lies and Deceit gets renewed for a second season in 2022, we may receive another installment come 2023. 

Lies and Deceit Season 2 Cast:

Javier Rey is popularly known for acting Xavier in the Lie series casts as Xavier Vera, the good-looking surgeon accused of raping Laura Munar (Angela Cremonte). Manuela Velasco plays Cata (Laura’s sister), Miquel Fernandez plays Ivan, Victor Dupla as Sergio, Itziar Atienza portraying Daniela, Paco Tous as Silva, Susi Sanchez plays Teresa, Sofia Oria portrays Amal and Ruben de Eguia plays Richard. If the series gets revived for a second volume, we should expect all casts to reprise their roles. You should also expect new casts in the second season.

Lies and Deceit Season 2 Plot:

After Laura breaks her 15-year-old engagement, he goes on a date with the talented surgeon, but when she wakes up the next day with no memories of what ensued, she has to piece the pieces of information she has. When she realizes that she may have been raped, she seeks the help of the police, but this even complicates the case further.

When Laura starts investigating what could have happened, she realizes that Xavier is not as charming as he seems, and there are other more victims than just her and Xaviers ex-wife. After Xavier’s disappearance, he ends up dead, and this raises more eyebrows on the questions. A second season will answer the unexplained questions left hanging in the first season. It would explore who killed Xavier, Did the raped girls get justice, and who were the rape victims.

Lies and Deceit Season 2 Trailer:

A trailer for the series is yet to be released, but once we get the official communication that the show will be back for the second installment, then best believe we will get a trailer before it debuts. You can check out the series spinoff, Liar, as we wait.

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