Leave It To Geege Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Need To Know!

A lot of series uncovers some of the most emotional and volatile issues that different people go through daily, and one of them is Leave It to Geege. This documentary series premiered on Hulu. It is named after Geege Taylor, the professional actress whose family is the project’s central focus. Geege is not just an ordinary woman but a warrior who has battled and survived breast cancer, a mother to an autistic son, and an autism acceptance activist. The released series gives an insight into Geege’s daily life as a single parent to an autistic and non-verbal kid and the dynamic relationship between her inner circle that you won’t mind tagging along. Will the series get a second chance at narrating Pootie’s life?

Leave It To Geege Season 2 Release Date:

There is no news regarding a potential season two, but since the series, last season premiered on 16th March 2022, it is too early to determine whether it will be back for the second season. The show has received an 8/10 on IMDB, and as far as renewal based on a series performance is concerned, the series did quite exceptional not to be renewed for the second season.

Positive reviews are still streaming, with comments such as the show providing an accurate presentation to autistic people being the most outstanding. The likelihood that rating may shoot with time is relatively high. Geege not only shows the dark side of raising an autistic kid but the good moments of being a mother, and if the show gets a renewal, then we should expect a possible season two in 2023.

Leave It To Geege Season 2 Cast:

Since the series is based on Geege’s household, we expect all family members and friends to be back in the second season. Geege Taylor is the family’s matriarch and mother to Pootie Taylor, the autistic child. Geege is twice divorced, and she has a daughter Harper Taylor who is expected to be back in the second season. Tyler Curtis Elliot, Pooties nanny and best friend also expected to feature in the second season. Puddin, Geege’s mother, is also a crucial star, her niece Mary Frances and Mark George, Geege’s boyfriend, all of them are expected to be back for the second installment.

Leave It To Geege Season 2 Plot:

When Tyler receives news of his autism evaluation, he decides to keep it a secret. Without a diagnosis, somebody with autism might live their life as normally as they should, but life can never be the same after the evaluation. His acceptance of the results he just received will do an excellent job in informing viewers how the self-acceptance stage works. Geege also sets Atlanta to talk to the members of Congress about laws and policies that favor people in her son’s spectrum. We could expect this to be explored fully in the second season.

Leave It To Geege Season 2 Trailer:

Lifetime is yet to release a trailer for the documentary series, and until it is renewed for the second season, there is unlikely to be a trailer. As we wait for news of the renewal, there are many series sensitizing on autism that you should watch, like Atypical and The Good Doctor.

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