BTS singer Jimin treats fans with the perfect holiday song ‘Christmas Love’!

One of the favorite band BTS singers comes out with the perfect Christmas holiday song titled CHRISTMAS LOVE as he wrote about on his Twitter handle as the Christmas season is coming around just in few hours. Jimin called his new music as A CHRISTMAS GIFT to the overall BTS Army.

The South Korean band BTS builds to the hype by concreting their BTS Army worldwide and always leaving their fans amazed with their soulful and chartbuster voice.
The information came from the BTS blog, where Jimin shared the song’s title and the reason and meaning behind it.

He also stated that he felt so pleased to release this fantastic song in such a pandemic situation. You also said that this song took him to his childhood memories. The lyrics of the song conveyed the emotions which he shared in his childhood. When he saw falling snow, he thought to miss this experience as he grows.
The pure and innocent self of childhood will always be remembered and attract us to remind those days.

The responsibility that grows in everyone comes out from that innocent soul, and it also generates the motion of hiding feelings as we were grown up.
Further, he stated that he still believes in having such emotions inside a person, so if you still feel childish, why should we suppress those feelings? He will take you to your memories that belong to your childhood through his song, and this fantastic singer asked all the BTS family to revive it with him.

All the BTS family got stunned to receive that’s Christmas gift from their favorite Jimin. The replies on his Twitter handle flooded in which his fans shared their emotions after listening to that soulful track.
One of the Twitter users captioned as a fantastic gift from Jimin in this new year and addressed him to be an angel.

Another tweet comes out by addressing this song as a hug in the cold Christmas season surrounded by snow. It also told that when we are isolated from our loved ones, it was a beautiful gift and about the song, he wrote that every singer of BTS is worthy of love and asked them to brings more such songs which bring out an array of pure light and bright heaven to one’s life.
Check out below the other tweets that their fans have shared with their heart-melting emotions.

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