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Top 10 Highest Life Expectancy Country!


Life expectancy at birth is determined by the fact that a newborn can expect to survive if the mortality rate doesn’t change. Regardless, the real age-specific death rate of a specific birth peer cannot be expected in advance. The growth in life expectancy at birth can depend on various aspects: diet, exercise, improving living standards, cleanliness, good lifestyles, better education, crime rates, and improving the quality of health benefits. The following figures are illustrated as total life expectancy; Calculated per gender, birth, and the current year.

Life Expectancy at birth for the world 2020:

For Both Sexes:73.2 years
For Males: 70.8 years
For Females: 75.6 years

Here we have described the list of top 10 countries ranked by life expectancy for both genders, male and female, from 1955 to the current year:

Highest Life Expectancy Country

10. Iceland

Life Expectancy For Both Sexes:83.52 years
Life Expectancy For Males:82.15 years
Life Expectancy For Females:84.90 years

In the North Atlantic Ocean, a Nordic Island Country named Iceland has a land of 103,000 km square with a population of 356,991, which makes it the most populous country in Europe. Reykjavik is the most considerable metropolis and capital of Iceland, where more than two-thirds of the population live. In 2020, only 6 % of rural people lived in Iceland, and most of the population were urban, 94%. The average life expectancy for Iceland is 83.52 years.

9. Channel Islands

Life Expectancy For Both Sexes:83.60 years
Life Expectancy For Males:81.82 years
Life Expectancy For Females:85.31 years

In the English channel, an archipelago and Normandy’s off the French coast is the Channel Islands. It has two British Crown dependencies:

  • The largest island, the Bailiwick of Jersey
  • Bailiwick of Guernsey includes Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Herm, and some smaller islands

They are deemed to be the remains of the Duchy of Normandy. Both crown dependencies are not the United Kingdom’s part, but they rely on the UK for international associations and defense. Its total population is about 170,499, and both bailiwicks’ capitals, Saint Helier and Saint Peter Port, have 33,500 and 18,207 people, respectively. In 2020, Only 30 percent of urban people lived in Channel islands. The average life expectancy for Iceland is 83.60 years.

8. Australia

Life Expectancy For Both Sexes:83.94 years
Life Expectancy For Males:82.08 years
Life Expectancy For Females:85.80 years

Australia is a centralized country containing the Australian continent Mainland, Tasmania island, and many smaller islands. By area, it is the sixth-largest country in the world. In Australia, around 86% of the population is highly urbanized, and the most sparsely populated city is Sydney. The highest life expectancy rate for both genders in this country is 83.94 years, with 85.80 females and 82.08 males.

7. Spain

Life Expectancy For Both Sexes:83.99 years
Life Expectancy For Males:81.27 years
Life Expectancy For Females:86.68 years

The life expectancy for Spain in 2021 was 83.99 years, a 0.38% rise from 2019. The Mediterranean diet is the primary reason for the high life expectancy. 80.1% of the population of Spain is urbanized, and around 20% live in rural areas. The majority of people found in Madrid city with 3,255,944 people. It is the sixth highly populated country in Europe, with over 47.3 million people.

6. Italy

Life Expectancy For Both Sexes:84.01 years
Life Expectancy For Males:81.90 years
Life Expectancy For Females:85.97 years

Italy has been a residence for several cultures and communities because of its geographical location. Now, its life expectancy at birth is 84 years, which is exceeded from past years. Only 31% of people are ruralized here, and around 69% of the population are from urban areas. Its capital is Rome, with 2,318,895 people.

5. Singapore

Life Expectancy For Both Sexes:84.07 years
Life Expectancy For Males:82.06 years
Life Expectancy For Females:86.15 years

One of the world’s richest countries is Singapore, with 84.07 years of life expectancy for both genders. Its expectancy growth rate is higher than last year. It is the country where all the citizens are urbanized—recognized as the second most populated country in the world with 3,547,809 figures. The major reason for the highest longevity is advancements in the medical field, improving living standards, a good diet, nutrition, etc.

4. Switzerland

Life Expectancy For Both Sexes:84.25 years
Life Expectancy For Males:82.42 years
Life Expectancy For Females:86.02 years

Many of the world’s countries have populations with a life expectancy of over 80 years. Switzerland has 84.25 years life expectancy that is better than prior years. Its growth rate depends on low crime rates, high standards of education, and healthcare. We found the high quality of living style and multicultural vibes here. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland with an approx 341,730 population.

3. Macao

Life Expectancy For Both Sexes:84.68 years
Life Expectancy For Males:81.73 years
Life Expectancy For Females:87.62 years

Macao is the world’s third-highest life expectancy after Hong Kong and Japan. In 2020, life expectancy in Macau was 81.73 years for males and 87.62 years for females. Along with Singapore, Macao’s 100% of citizens are urbanized. China’s most populous city is Macau, with 520,400 people.

2. Japan

Life Expectancy For Both Sexes:85.03 years
Life Expectancy For Males:81.91 years
Life Expectancy For Females:88.09 years

The second-highest life expectancy country is Japan, with 85.03 years for both sexes. We found around 92% of citizens in urban areas. Its growth rate is incredibly increasing year by year due to low mortality rates from cardiac diseases and cancer. It signifies the proper nutrition and diet and increases plant food consumption, first and other dairy products. Tokyo has a densely populated city in Japan with the maximum number of people, 8,336,599.

1. Hong Kong

Life Expectancy For Both Sexes:85.29 years
Life Expectancy For Males:82.38 years
Life Expectancy For Females:88.17 years

Hong Kong holds first place in Life Expectancy records with 88.17 years. It has the least mortality rate than previous years from other countries. It becomes one of the healthiest and best nations on the earth due to its health education, health services, and superior health care and medication technology.

The above-mentioned data reflects that women have the highest life expectancies from men in almost all countries. Central African Republic, Lesotho, and Chad have the lowest growth rate of Life expectancy from other countries in the world.

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