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Doctor Who Season 14: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details That You Must Know!


Doctor Who Storyline concluding leaves us with only one question; what do we know of the upcoming season? From making its return in 2005, Doctor Who has accumulated various awards and accolades under the watch of three different showrunners; Russel.T. Davies, Steven Moffat (Sherlock), and Chris Chibnall. The series has regenerated five times with the current tandem a part of Tardis Furniture with two complete seasons between 2018 to 2020 and the recently introduced Doctor Who; Flux. After progressing from Timeless Child reveal, which was a shock, the latter went ahead a shed light on the Ravagers, one of the Doctors’ old threats. With the Doctor Who series concluding, fans anticipating a new release has never been as high as this one. What does the future hold?

Doctor Who Season 14 Release Date: When will it premiere?

An official premiere date for the 14th season is yet to be set with Doctor Who boss teasing a Christmas special that will be “intimate and a standalone comedy. “We expect more adventures for the creator Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall before the arrival of the 14th Season.

Considering the time frame set, a new era could start in 2022 or maybe New Year’s Day in 2023. There is also a probability that the series may not debut until 2023. Two years later, “Doctor Who” has a new production company. After the guard is changed in the last season, there may be more preparations than we can imagine. A new Doctor, a new boss, and a new production house are many things to deal with all at once.

In 2023, BBC America will air the first episode of Doctor Who’s 14th season. Three episodes will make up the November 60th anniversary special.

Doctor Who Season 14 Cast: Who will reappear?

Doctor Who Cast

Just like the tradition, the return of Russel Davies signifies the arrival of a new doctor. Despite knowing that there will be a new doctor, the identity is hidden until the creators decide to make it official. In the meantime, as can unique on the likely candidates who may future as the Doctor in the oncoming season Martin, who is not entirely and face may reprise as the Doctor, a premise that is yet to be confirmed. Digital spy lists potential candidates such as Michaela Coel, Phoebe Waller, or even Michael Sheen (Good Omens). Olly alexander being the most likely candidate has denied rumors of featuring as the new Doctor.

Doctor Who Season 14 Plot: What should we expect?

There is a lot to be expected with Doctor Who’s Previous Showrunner coming back for the fourteenth season. Having a new boss, a new production company, and the return of a new doctor may see the series changed for the best. With Rusell as the new showrunner, we could expect more positive LGBTQ content. The Flux finale may have hinted at a romantic relationship between Yaz and the Doctor. Hinting, however, is not enough, but it is about time Doctor Who welcomed the LGBTQ lead protagonist.

Doctor Who Season 14 Trailer: When will it come?

The trailer of the fourteenth season is yet to be released. Without TARDIS in the picture, it may take a while before we can see a sneak peek at what is in store for us in the upcoming season. HBO max got you covered if you would love to catch up on the previous seasons. It has all the trailers and episodes of the last Doctor Who Season. Be sure to watch out for the upcoming one.


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