Daughter From Another Mother Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Update Know Here!

Daughter From Another Mother is a Mexican series created by Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sarinana that debuted on Netflix on January 20, 2021. This comedy-drama series follows the lives of two different mothers who struggle to come together and raise their daughters after being swapped at birth. Most of the drama witnessed was a result of their differences. 

With an IMDb rating of 7.4/10, it is evident that the first season was successful. Reliable sources have it that this series was watched by 23 million households, which enjoyed the light entertainment and the struggles of these two mothers. 

Should viewers expect another high drama season? Well, let’s find out. 

Will There Be a Second Season of Daughter From Another Mother?

Daughter From Another Mother

This show was quite good, and fans are definitely waiting for another season. However, its makers are still silent about the release date or even the possibility of another one. They are maybe waiting for the show’s final reception data before coming up with a storyline for the second season. 

It is also worth noting that the last episode of the first season ended with the beginning of a new storyline, which gave viewers a hint of another season. What remains anonymous is the release date of the second season, if any. 

Daughter From Another Mother Season 2 Cast: Who will be appearing in second season?

Daughter From Another Mother

Who will be part of the cast of season 2? We can expect most of the cast to be replaced if a new season arrives since the story will continue to a different storyline. However, that does not mean that we won’t see familiar faces such as Ludwika Paleta as Ana, Javier Ponce as Pablo, Elena del Rio as Cynthia, Christian Chavez as Manolo, and Liz Gallardo as Teresa. 

Remember, the cast will heavily depend on the storyline. We hope that the producers will bring us the best actors and actresses

Daughter From Another Mother Season 2 Plot: What will happen next?

What should we expect in the second season? The final episode is the first season hinted at a new season which got viewers asking lots of questions. Will Ana divorce Juan Carlos after knowing that he was cheating on her? 

We know for sure that the second season will have even more intense drama between the two mothers. Viewers should expect depressing turns in the lives of these two mothers, which is what the series is all about. The writers are probably going to outdo themselves once more with the second season. 

Daughter From Another Mother Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch?

We will have to wait for a trailer for the second season since there is no official communication yet. The series hasn’t received any green signals, meaning that we still can’t tell whether it will be renewed or canceled. If continued, the trailer will probably come out a month or a few weeks before the release date. We can only hope that production is currently undergoing hence the silence. 

If you haven’t watched the first season, here is a trailer to tell you what to expect:

Note that it is in Spanish since this is a Mexican drama series. We will offer an update once the streaming platform gives any official communication or releases a trailer. 

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