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Class of ’09 Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Information

Class of '09 season 1

Hulu is known for producing some amazing shows about artificial intelligence. You might have heard of “Westworld,” “Devs,” or “The Handmaid’s Tale” – they’re all about AI doing some pretty wild stuff. And now, a new show on the block – “Class of ’09” – is getting a lot of attention. It stars Brian Tyree Henry and Kate Mara and will come to Hulu later this month! The show started filming in Los Angeles in October 2021, and we got our first look at it when they released a cool poster in March 2023. A month later, they dropped a trailer that got us all excited. “Class of ’09” will be another awesome addition to Hulu’s AI-themed shows! Here is everything we know about the upcoming show.

Class of ’09 Season 1 Release Date: When can we expect it?

Class of ’09” is finally coming to Hulu! You won’t have to wait long because the show is set to premiere on May 10th. The show has eight episodes, each one about an hour long. And here’s the best part – you’ll watch the first two episodes immediately! That means you can binge-watch to your heart’s content without waiting for the next episode. After that, a new episode will be released every Wednesday. So, you’ll have something exciting to look forward to every week. If you do not have a subscription to Hulu Channel, then you should consider getting a subscription now to expose you to the upcoming series and the wide array of the shows

Class of ’09 Season 1 Plot: What will Happen?

Class of ’09  is an exciting new series that tells the story of a group of FBI agents, set in three different periods in time, as they navigate the changes brought on by integrating artificial intelligence into the criminal justice system. The show explores complex themes such as justice, morality, and the human condition through multiple timelines that weave together to create a powerful narrative about the choices we make and the legacy we leave behind. With its thought-provoking story and innovative approach to storytelling, you do not want to miss the show

Class of ’09 Season 1 Cast: Who will be in?

The upcoming Class of ’09 series boasts a star-studded cast led by Brian Tyree Henry and Kate Mara. The duo will play FBI agents Tayo Miller and Ashley Poet, respectively, as they navigate the constantly changing landscape of the criminal justice system. Henry has a strong background in film and television, with recent roles in Eternals and Bullet Train, while Mara has starred in hit shows like House of Cards and American Horror Story. The ensemble cast includes talented actors like Brian J. Smith, Raúl Castillo, and Rosalind Eleazar, who will portray Miller and Poet’s colleagues. Fans can expect an intense and thought-provoking exploration of justice, humanity, and legacy in this multi-decade series told through interweaving timelines.

Class of ’09 Season 1 Trailer: When can we watch it?

A trailer for the upcoming series has already been released, and it opens with Ashley Poet and Tayo Miller, two recruits enrolling at the FBI Academy. As the trailer progresses, it becomes clear that the show explores themes of justice and morality as the duo grapples with artificial intelligence and surveillance tactics. The action-packed scenes show the pair as established FBI agents, struggling to reconcile their values with the Bureau’s changing tactics.

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