Top 10 Indian Actress 2016

Ranking is always tough one in actress listing, because all actress contribute much more to the industry and their fans. Anyway Here is our classified list of  Top 10 Indian actress 2016. This list is based on the movie review, number of movies acted and the fan’s voting. This list covers of all the film industries actress like  Bollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood Continue reading “Top 10 Indian Actress 2016”

Top 10 Youtube Channels 2016

YouTube channels helps you to upload and share your video. There are millions are of users and the number of YouTube channels earning six figures per year on YouTube is up 50%.  Here are the top 10 picks of YouTube channels for the year 2016. Listing is based on the YouTube channels subscribers count.
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Top 10 Android Strategy Games

Strategy Game

Strategy Game is defined as a game in which the players uncoerced, and often autonomous decision-making skill having a high importance in determining the outcome. There is a massive list of android Strategy Games. So It may be hard to find the best game, I have listed the top 10 strategy games that would make you to search easier.

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Top 10 Facts About Rio Olympic 2016

Summer Olympic game 2016 is commonly known as “Rio Olympic 2016”. It is an international multi-sport event which occurs every four years interval and organised by the International Olympic Committee. Here I have revealed the top 10 facts about the “Rio Olympics 2016”.

Rio Olympic Schedule and Result
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Top 10 Tamil Actress in 2015

This article reveals the top 10 Tamil actress of 2015, excluding the famous Tamil actress like Nayanthara, Anushka, Hansika, Samantha and other top actress. Apart from those famous actress there is some actress who got a great recognition among the people. So that I have excluded those famous actresses and given the place for the other actress who are becoming famous now a days. Continue reading “Top 10 Tamil Actress in 2015”