Top 10 Political Leaders Lost In TN Election 2016


Tamil Nadu election was conducted on May 16th 2016. Result was announced yesterday (19th May 2016). AIADMK won 134 seats and DMK won 98 seats. Although AIADMK won the important candidates of both ADMK ,DMK and the leaders of other important parties like PMK,BJP got less vote count. Here are the top 10 leaders list who lost this election.

Top 10 Fruits for weight loss


Most of the fruits are low in fats and calories.such fruits helps to loss your are the top 10 fruits,as a part of healthy diet to loose weight.Without exercise In-taking of these fruits will not help you to reduce your weight.Consider to take these fruits along with daily diet and exercise practice. 1.Apple Apples are the one of the best fruit to loose your weight.Apple contain high fiber and low calories.It contains vitamins as well as fiber.These can help you to loose the weight in variety of ways. 2.Banana…

Top 10 dedicated server hosting


Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else.Here are the top ten dedicated server hosting.In renting a dedicated server, the client company may be required to use a specified computer system or may be offered a choice of several systems. Some host providers allow a client company to purchase and install its own computer server at the host provider’s location, a service known as colocation.